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Social responsibility

Beyond our business activities we have been always supporting many local initiatives that are related to cultural, sporting or social events which are helping the development of the local society. 

In this activity we aim to give space to activities such as environmental protection, child care and education, various sport activities, summer camps for children or artists.

We are deeply committed to add value to our community and to the region as well. We aim to sponsor projects and events in regions that are connected to our business activities with special focus on the young generation’s support. 

At the same time we are also focusing on our inner development. We organize team buildings in order to strengthen the relationship, the teamwork and motivation among our colleagues. Our company is devoted to continue building and supporting our society in the future as well both internally and externally that contributes largely to the well-being and respect towards each other in our community.

Our firm has been enthusiastic about social responsibility and we are continuing to do so in an honest and persistent way.


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