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Our Hungarikum Centar shops are giving perspective to the consumers of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica and Kanjiza about the magnificent gastronomic world of Hungary. Inspired by the motto "The Best from Hungary" our customers can find in our retail stores all the famous meat, cheese and dairy products, wines and confectionary products from Hungary at a favourable price.
Besides, other manufacturers of textiles and ceramics decorated with traditional Hungarian motives can also be found here such as the famous porcelains of Zsolnay.

In our shops we have been welcoming our customers with more than 900 different articles from manufacturers all across Hungary and Vojvodina (local producers). You can find our special promotions, leaflets in our store and on our website. Our teams at out authentic shops are always doing their best to bring you „The best from Hungary” and they have been waiting for you with a warm welcome.


Take a look at the wide range of products and commodities that we offer.


We offer many brands of Hungarian delicacies and wines.


Our wide range of products can be found in our Hungarikum Centar shops.