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Honey integrator

Based on our existing experience and infrastructure we started a new project in 2017 that aims to integrate the beekeepers in the northern part of Serbia (called Vojvodina) by collecting and processing their honey in a professional way. Due to this we have started the construction of a brand new processing plant with a yearly capacity of 1.000 metric tons that has started its operation in July 2018. 

Serbia is considered to be a traditional honey producing country where next to sunflower, rapeseed, flower and acacia honey other mono floral honeys can be found as well. Moreover, thanks to its high quality, the Serbian honey represents an increasing potential on the European and world markets.

This quality source of honey would like our company to merge with a newly established honey processing technology, which – equipped with its own laboratory and well-constructed quality requirements – can guarantee the constant and high quality honey for our partners. The plant is ISO 22000:2005 and IFS certified and upon request we can provide Kosher or Halal certificated products as well.

Our aim is to deliver this precious treasure made by the bees to its most natural way to the homes of consumers. Therefore we created the brand TISAMED, which provides unique look and recognisability to our products.


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